Getting the source code

The source code is maintained on GitHub:

$ git clone

Setting up a development sandbox and testing

Once you’ve obtained a source checkout, you can follow these instructions to perform various development tasks. All development requires that you run the buildout from the package root directory:

$ python2.7
$ bin/buildout

Once you have a buildout, the tests can be run as follows:

$ bin/test

Building the documentation

The Sphinx documentation is built by doing the following from the directory containing

$ cd docs
$ make html

The finished HTML files are under docs/_build/html.

Making a release

These instructions assume that you have a development sandbox set up using zc.buildout as the scripts used here are generated by the buildout:

$ bin/buildout -N
$ bin/buildout setup sdist bdist_wheel
$ bin/twine upload -s dist/*

The bin/buildout step will make sure the correct package information is generated.